The Wi(Fi)tching Hour

Another seance (or, rather 4 of them) at the RA, this time in the dead of night crossing the witching hour. The spirits are angry, there is noise, we attempt to calm them with a custom glockenspiel, there is more noise.

Network Seance

An audio-visual network seance, with Francesco and I channeling the Wi-Fi spirits through the Network Ensemble, possesing keyboards, amps, a glockenspiel and even visual software. You hear, to begin, the raw pulses the ensemble outputs, looping through the different categories of data. Then, leaving one in, we bring in the solenoids – playing the glockenspiel – and the MIDI keyboard, controlled by various ports.

Footage from the second live performance with the Network Ensemble, on 01/07/15 (part of An Evening With Gekiyasu and Friends).

More about the Network Ensemble