Hybrid Words 3

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Hybrid Words has been re-worked and re-writtern for ‘Germinal’, an exhibition at the New Media Gallery in Canada.

Beginning with a word, the form of ‘Hybrid Words’ is created thorough layers of complexity. Much like the universe of atoms to which it alludes, its simple, defined, individual parts are combined to create emergent behaviours and visuals, the precise outcome of which is unknowable.

Each word is broken into a series of points to which one or more particles are assigned. These points move, following a single aim per word and are, in turn, followed by their particles. The result is form that appears, superficially, like the word but, like a living creature, is only a result of its internal states and interactions.

This tenuous structure is then destabilised on collision with another word, the two merging by selecting parts of each word to combine and then, from this new term, re-assigning the previous points and particles, discarding any that are deemed extraneous or unnecessary. Each collision, therefore, produces a word further removed, both in language from the linguistic inputs, and in structure from the initial, relatively controlled selection of points and particles.

Hybrid Words is a project with Suhee Kim