Limbs → Legs

Developed in the 60s by General Electric, this quadrapedal ‘truck’ had legs controlled individually by the operator’s 4 limbs. The range of amplification of the users movements could be strong enough to move a car out of the way, and gentle enough to step on a lightbulb without crushing it.

It has excellent little feet, and this prototype is wonderfully horse-like in its pose:


Unknown Territories

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 17.54.41

My friend Caroline Claisse has been running workshops alongside The First Human, a show at the Pumphouse Gallery in Battersea, encouraging visitors to respond to various prompts through writing and by making ‘cave drawings’ from wire. The project has lead to some beautiful ideas and a fantastic array of forms on the themes ‘First Inhabitants’, ‘Climate Change’, ‘Found Object’ and ‘In The River’.

We’ve put together an archive site to explore them at