IED/Space Program at NODEM – Thoughts

2013-11-25 18.14.46 HDR

Whispering Air Vents

Air vents (or something incidental that would fit within the space) that quietly whisper, enticing visitors to gather around & listen. They could talk about/mention parts of the museum or places that those listening may then head off to find together. It would create a simple, strange, shared experience, enticing collaboration or conversation between visitors.

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Symbiosis & Reliance

Pairing visitors and affecting their senses in such a way that they become reliant on each other (to experience the museum) could lead to new experiences. For example, providing one participant with blacked out goggles, and one with earplugs would leave them reliant on each other to get a full sense of what’s going on

IED/Space Program at NODEM – Brief


The brief – Collaboration/installation!

The conference theme is ‘The Collaborative Museum and its Challenges.’ How could you stimulate collaboration in the EXPO, through some sort of installation or intervention? (Check out what IED students did last year at a similar event.) All the usual IED technical resources are at your disposal (a fresh crop of Arduinos, sensors etc, as well as Brock, Angus and the rest of the lab team), and we can feed you relevant research about collaboration!

Human Harp

The harp looked beautiful intersecting with the steel cables of the bridge across the Manhattan skyline.  Dancer Hollie told us that she felt an intuitive connection to the harp straight away and instantly got lost in exploration of strings and movement


wetwareontologies: Günter Seyfried’s Polycinease is a novel…


Günter Seyfried’s Polycinease is a novel foray in hybridising digital file formats and the alterations to information that environmental stress evinces upon DNA.

Seyfried’s team have built a system to read the binary data into DNA, which is then implanted into a bacterial genome. Seyfried subsequently plays God with his GIF-ed up bacteria, cranking up the evolutionary stress on his colonies. He then extracts the DNA and converts it back to a GIF. The result? Data-moshed biomedia and an exploratory prototype for bio-cinema.

Read about Günter‘s ongoing forays into moving image and DNA information at

Terminal Cornucopia

A fantastic example of making a point through making: Building weapons with materials available post airport security checks. The objects have a fantastic aesthetic – taped together hairdryers, food tubes & magazines, and re purpose consumer materials in an ingenious way.